Have you ever thought about the messages your church community conveys every day? Perhaps your message is one of service, of fellowship, and of family values. Your community wants long-time community members as well as visitors to feel welcomed and involved in the good work you’re doing together, each day, each season, and each year. Despite these positive messages, you may be experiencing some turnover in your membership in our ever-changing and increasingly mobile society. With so much turnover and flux in the community, it’s vitally important your church does everything it can to foster member involvement and consistent engagement – to serve its members and the larger world in a meaningful way.

Communicating the story and the mission of the church body effectively, and welcoming newcomers into the vision of that body’s future, is an essential part of fostering deep connection among community members and serving your church’s ongoing mission.

Visual aids have become an indispensable resource for dynamic churches seeking to grow and expand their outreach capabilities. LED displays are a powerful visual aid that many forward-looking communities are embracing, both to communicate with members and to reach the larger community. PixelFLEX solutions have become indispensable providers of visual aids to church communities. LED displays can be used indoors to support worship, and outdoors to make the public aware of what is happening in the church each week. PixelFLEX is a committed partner in communicating your church’s vision.

No technological innovation in the last twenty years has had more impact on attendance and retention at church services than visual enhancements. With growing competition for people’s attention in the form of handheld technology, churches can struggle to capture the eye of its congregation. All denominations are finding impressive ways to engage, inform, and entertain their membership utilizing LED displays. PixelFLEX has been a leading innovator in this relatively recent market, offering churches new possibilities to capture and hold an audience’s interest. Incorporating visuals into sermons, services, music, and announcements enhances the experience for all attendees.

Far more effective than a simple video wall, LED displays can be customized by size, configuration, and resolution. LED outdoor displays can notify passersby of church services and events. Lobby displays can act as welcome centers, creating opportunities to greet and direct new guests to offices, classrooms, or worship services. Incorporated into hallways and other focal points, LEDs can offer anything from purely decorative enhancements, to important announcements, to inspiring messages. With nearly infinite possibilities, LEDs can enhance the door-to-door experience of every church member.

PixelFLEX is an industry leader in harnessing the best of those possibilities for innovative solutions to answer the unique challenges churches face. PixelFLEX’s customizable indoor and outdoor LED displays and signage are striking, seamless, and efficient. Spend some time in one of our client churches and you’ll agree that PixelFLEX’s solutions look like your future.

Church communities that excel at breaking through the standard “noise” of life will stand a much better chance of drawing and retaining new members, which is key to ensuring the organization’s mission to serve. Churches are member-dependent for their purpose. Visit pixelflexled.com/house-of-worship/ to find out how PixelFLEX LED solutions can help you and your church body communicate your purpose.

In an increasingly visual world, it is difficult to stand out in a crowd in a competitive consumer environment. Trade shows have always been an excellent way to get products in front of consumers and improve brand engagement. With consumers inundated by new products, it’s tough to fully capture the audience’s attention through traditional marketing methods.

There are many new ways to captivate the targeted audience through effective visual stimulation and product focused content. LED displays have become a cornerstone in effective exhibit design, and new advancements in controllable LED technology has opened a gateway in visual stimulation and effective visitor engagement. Innovative LED technology has created a bridge that reaches and holds the audience’s attention by amplifying their visual experience and creating a product-focused environment. Drawing the audience’s attention is more important than ever as competitors are releasing similar products with captivating marketing.

LED displays are a cost-effective tool that can drive visitors’ curiosity. In recent years, the trade show environment has become extremely competitive with attention-grabbing designs. Those exhibiting alongside fierce competitors must make a bold statement to survive. PixelFLEX has a large variety of award winning LED displays that can help create an environment that welcomes and excites visitors. LED display systems are seamless, providing clear and detailed imaging to effectively communicate key product features. Whether it be to increase curb appeal, target impulse buyers or simply attract attention, effective LED solutions are the answer.

Everyone is talking about sustainability practices, and it’s no different in the world of trade shows. Clients are driven to seek earth-friendly materials and create energy-efficient exhibit displays. LED technology is an energy-conscious way to create eye-popping designs while keeping a low carbon footprint. Exhibit displays stand out from the crowd with PixelFLEX LED technology. They make the difference between attracting visitors and struggling in the shade of a nearby flashier display.

PixelFLEX is committed to continually developing new and innovative LED displays and event products, including eco-friendly hybrid displays. Designs for attention grabbing displays can include large format LED video walls, LED video displays, ground supported displays, and interactive elements.  Every consumer-driven company should be thinking about design in a holistic way, using the senses to help create and intensify brand personalities that consumers will cherish and remember.

Technology that makes an exhibit display unique and eye catching can be the difference between enthralling potential visitors and being swallowed up by an ostentatious neighbor. PixelFLEX LED designs generate leads, incorporate interactive elements to fuel interest, offer digital presentations and literature, showcase products and services in enriching ways, and create the wow factor that will contribute to your trade show success. Whether you are looking to increase visitor engagement, send brand targeted messages, or simply outshine competitors to intrigue attendee, LED is the only viable option. Visit PixelFLEXLED.com today to learn more about LED products and start increasing your exhibit attendance!

For live productions of all shapes and sizes, visual aids can significantly enhance the experience for everyone involved. Depending on the situation, however, productions run the risk of encountering screen size and outdoor projection limitations. The good news is these obstacles can be easily overcome with LED video screen rentals. By providing some simple information to consider before renting LED screens, PixelFLEX can help ensure your event is a success, and that you have access to all of the LED video screen rental options you need to produce an appealing, immersive event.

Live productions often require high-quality visual aids to help enhance the experience and ensure an engaging, successful event. Unfortunately, projection limitations are a common occurrence for outdoor events, and screen size limitations can be an issue regardless of venue.

LED video screen rentals represent a convenient solution for these issues.

Regardless of the occasion, there are many positive benefits to using LED video screens for your live productions. When used properly, LED video screens can create an incredible impact, offering a high degree of immersion for your audience. From a business perspective, LED video walls provide an easy-to-use, excellent vehicle for sponsorship activation and branding opportunities. These screens can be used as stage backdrops, making them the center of attention for your audience and further compounding these advantages. Screens can be run from media servers, which allow for more freedom to implement interactive elements to suit any occasion. Logistically, LED screens are lightweight, and can be arranged for either ground-supported or aerial-rigged configurations.

PixelFLEX offers a wide range of high-quality products to address your specific production needs, no matter what the event may be, through its rental vendor network. From their LED display system sales and LED screen rentals to their after-purchase support and service, PixelFLEX has you covered. The company is dedicated to providing top-tier, customer-focused support throughout the entire experience. PixelFLEX is a U.S. company driven toward excellence to meet your own personal standards of customer support, and wants to help ensure customers make the most out of their live events.

PixelFLEX provides high-quality products capable of withstanding the elements at indoor and outdoor events. PixelFLEX products are used regularly for the Luke Bryan Tour, ESPN X-Games and for large corporate companies like Boing and Google. PixelFLEX offers an array of high-quality LED screens to choose from, including the FLEXLite II, FLEXLite Plus, FLEXCurtain, and FLEXCurtain HD, all of which can be rented for live productions. These visual aids can dramatically improve the impact of your event, allowing you to produce a memorable scene for any occasion. The wide selection of video screen rental options means you can easily enjoy the perfect solution for your production, tailored to meet your own specifications.

To plan and orchestrate a live production that truly engages an audience and enhances their experience, visual aids can make a huge difference. LED video screen rentals allow you to avoid many of the pitfalls and limitations of other options, while providing the flexibility you require to enhance your event. PixelFLEX can help ensure your success with a wide range of LED screen rental options. To learn more about how PixelFLEX can help, visit pixelflexled.com/ledrental today!

Brick-and-mortar institutions are under tremendous pressure to compete with the surge in the online learning industry. Investing in education-based technologies such as video walls provides an excellent way to attract tech-savvy students to campuses. Video walls provide a collaborative learning environment that dissipates information faster than traditional methods. Moreover, they highlight an educational institution’s commitment to the role of technology in education and indicate a willingness to meet the highest standards in imparting education.

Statistics indicate 38% of students prefer not be away from technology for more than ten minutes. Over 50 percent of students prefer areas of education that use technology. Moreover, 96 percent of students notice digital signage instantaneously, and its interactive nature helps 60 percent of students recall lessons many days after exposure. Brick-and-mortar institutions that invest in LED signage have a clear edge over other institutions. LED signage fosters higher enrollment numbers.

Digital signage advances the learning process and is cost-effective in the long-run. For example, in 2014, Saint Louis University saved $75,000 on a seven-year basis by switching to video walls from high-performance projectors for its medical school imaging applications. Video walls not only offer 24/7, 365-days-a-year support and lower costs, but also become the showstoppers of the space they inhabit. These walls create a platform for research and development and provide means for conveying vital information about emergencies or threats within thirty minutes (as mandated by law). Moreover, solutions that combine multiple tasks in the same system can significantly benefit the institution by engaging current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, and administration for academic excellence.

Online universities have been a game-changer in higher education, which makes it necessary to capitalize on every opportunity to draw students. Video walls afford a natural edge in this regard. The future of digital signage is promising, and companies like PixelFLEX can create unique solutions customized to specific campuses and their goals. PixelFLEX LED displays produce clear and detailed imaging. Screens of nearly any size and shape are possible. One clear benefit of LED signage for universities is their versatility. Messages can be changed in an instant, and PixelFLEX can assist campus administrators in configuring, updating and troubleshooting from anywhere – their office, or remotely, using a web-based configuration tool. Our desire to improve the campus experience and build communities will prevail with new technology and inventions that can revolutionize learning.

In a world of ever-increasing tuition costs, the students’ school of choice should not only be best for them academically but also worth their investment. Universities around the country have used digital signage to create a powerful impression on prospective students. Large, dynamic and engaging video walls create ‘showpieces’ on campuses, which provide an instant appeal to visitors. Award-winning displays from PixelFLEX can be customized to your needs and vision in seamless LED, with clear and detailed imaging. PixelFLEX has an extensive range of creative solutions ranging from 2-100mm indoor, outdoor and curvable configurations. To learn more, visit PixelFLEXLED.com today!

Chalkboards are slowly becoming a thing of the past on college campuses as many institutions of higher learning are transitioning to digital. Crisp, brilliant LED displays can now be found in lecture halls, libraries, sports arenas, and campus centers. These stunning screens not only provide an effective method for message delivery, they can also increase a space’s aesthetic appeal when seamlessly melded with their environment to create must-view works of art.

It’s estimated that over 20 million students enrolled in American colleges and universities in the fall of 2016, the vast majority of whom grew up with a digital childhood.[1] These teenagers and early twenty-somethings spent their formative years staring at pixelated computer, tablet, and mobile phone screens. They are accustomed to technology, and even except it in most places they venture, including school. Thoughtful educators are aware that these pupils excel in digital environments, and have adopted LED displays and video walls as ways of attracting students and helping them succeed. Digital technology in classrooms allows for a dynamic educational experience and encourages a high level of student engagement. Video walls in advanced libraries and laboratories facilitate collaboration among students and faculty, and promote interactive learning.

Modern digital displays are energy efficient, and because content can be easily updated with a few keystrokes, they prove more cost effective than traditional paper messaging. They are ideal for broadcasting all types of media around campus, from school announcements, lunch menus, to time-critical alerts. Animated graphics are better at grabbing eyeballs than static images, making digital displays the superior method for message dissemination. As a wayfinding tool, they can replace maps to help newcomers and visitors navigate a campus more easily. And they can even be used to generate advertising revenue, yielding an even greater return on investment.

High-resolution LED screens are excellent recruitment tools. Adding them to campus centers can make schools more attractive in the eyes of prospective students who value technology. They can also transform locker rooms, dazzling coveted sports recruits, alumni and boosters who are willing to generously donate to ensure their team is best equipped to win  championships and increase enrollment.

PixelFLEX has a large variety of award winning LED screens to bring the latest digital technology to college campuses. Our display systems provide clear and detailed imaging for superior content delivery that enhances the educational experience. We have a large range of creative solutions ranging from 2-100mm in indoor, outdoor and curvable configurations that can blend seamlessly and beautifully into any campus space. Our process begins with your vision, which we use to create a unique, instrumental and artistic masterpiece. For more information on our services and offerings, visit us online at www.PixelFLEXLED.com today!


[1] http://www.ingrammicroadvisor.com/proav/4-video-wall-applications-for-higher-education

An incredible LED display can revolutionize your sales. With eye-grabbing visuals and unique designs, there’s a lot to love about digital signage. The problem, however, is that for far too long companies have been unable to provide outdoor displays that function properly. Sure, they might look great when they are first installed, but as soon as a rain storm shows up the display goes down.

One solution is to call someone to service the display, but this is easier said than done. Often the entire display has to be dismantled just to access the small part that needs to be repaired. This comes from a tendency to simply rebrand indoor LED systems as suitable for outdoors, instead of undergoing the necessary adaptations to withstand the new environment. Without proper design modifications, what are normally high-functioning indoor displays quickly become unreliable, easily damaged and difficult to service outdoor signage.

It can also be difficult to predict what the best settings for a display will be. What might work in bright sunlight would be difficult to see on an overcast day, and your digital displays need to be able to adjust accordingly. Whether you are using outdoor LED displays for advertising, entertainment, or venue information, you run the risk of losing customers or dealing with disgruntled visitors if your display is not able to auto-adjust its brightness so that everyone can easily see your content as outdoor climate changes minute by minute.

At PixelFLEX, our new outdoor permanent Install LED technology FLEXStorm serves as an answer to the problems that have plagued outdoor LED displays. Fully customizable and adapted to provide breathtaking displays both indoors and outside, in any size or shape you need, this latest innovation allows for displays that not only grab the attention of viewers, but are also extremely reliable and durable.

The best part is that, when it comes to servicing the display, we’ve got you covered. Not only are the displays equipped to be serviced completely from the front, but PixelFLEX’s team of experts are dedicated to making our customers’ experiences successful and are able to give you the support you need throughout the entire process concept to finished product. The technology also allows you to update your display at any time, from anywhere, through a cloud-based content management system.

As the need for permanent outdoor LED displays grows across the country, there has been an increase in requests for quality, American-made products and support, and PixelFLEX is more than capable of meeting the demand. With the growing digital experience that is all around us today and by adding FLEXStorm to our line of products, our goal is to help our clients have a one-stop destination for all of their LED video display solutions; indoor or outdoor, permanent install or live production. Regardless of a project’s size or location, PixelFLEX is ready and equipped to provide our customers with the displays they need. To find out how we can help you or to view our entire line of products, visit pixelflexled.com today!

For more information on our FLEXStorm product click here, or watch our product video below.

When it comes to signage and displays, nothing turns heads quite like crisp and brilliant LEDs. LED technology has evolved in such a way that makes it more practical, functional, efficient, cost effective, and eco-friendly than printed advertising materials. While many convenience stores, hospitals, schools, restaurants and retailers have installed LED signage indoors, these same organizations are realizing illuminated displays can also be used outdoors for effective message delivery to help drive awareness and foot traffic. But when deploying this type of technology outside, there is some important information to keep in mind to ensure you’re getting the most out of your LED displays.

At PixelFLEX, LED signage and displays are our specialty. We produce a large variety of award-winning LED display systems that offer clear and detailed imaging to suit any situation indoor or out, traditional or creative. As experts, we hold valuable insights into how to make sure your exterior LED lighting solutions are working for you. Here are 5 important tips you should know.

  • Select the right hardware: Outdoor displays can fail during the winter months if you’re located in an area that experiences frigid temperatures. A full outdoor-rated display can withstand direct sun exposure, extreme temperature fluctuations, dust, humidity and condensation, making it the ideal selection for locations that see wide temperature ranges throughout the year.
  • Maintenance Inspections: Exterior signage can suffer damage from the weather, animals, accidents, intentional abuse, and normal wear over time. Routine maintenance inspections of the display’s seals, foundation, wiring, and timing clock for defects are crucial to make sure minor problems don’t evolve into huge headaches.
  • Regulate temperature: LED technology requires an environment that delivers stable temperatures within its enclosure, and operational temperature between 77° F and 5° F. LED displays constantly run throughout the day, and measures must be enacted to avoid overheating, which can leave permanent yellow defects as well as component degradation. Regulating the environment with appropriate Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) measures will ensure reliability even in extreme climate conditions.
  • Safeguard against water: Water penetrating from the outside and moisture within the enclosure can cause damage and display failure. Minimize this risk by using a closed loop air circulation system to fully isolate the display unit. A closed loop system prevents moisture and contaminants from entering the unit and corrupting critical parts.
  • Remote Monitoring: Remote monitoring allows you to manage your signage and react to the first signs of malfunction before a larger issue can arise from worsening conditions. An ideal exterior LED system will give you remote monitoring capabilities to not only see the state of your screen, but to remotely update the screens content as well.

Outdoor LED displays can be difficult to service, offer little weather resistance, and fail to auto adjust brightness. That’s why we have launched FLEXStorm, a weatherproof outdoor LED display for permanent installation. FLEXStorm is fully front serviceable and designed to handle even the most extreme outdoor elements. This robust technology is great for billboards, advertising displays, outdoor entertainment spaces, and wherever vibrant messaging is needed. It is customizable and able to be manufactured in different cabinet sizes to fit your unique requirements. FLEXStorm uses an intelligent auto correcting light sensor control system to ensure the perfect brightness and visibility no matter the exterior conditions.

FLEXStorm is the ideal solution for outdoor advertising, entertainment, and other content broadcasting. To learn more about this reliable, innovative LED solution, visit us online at pixelflexled.com.

In the modern era of retail, customers have grown extremely familiar with online shopping environments, and brick-and-mortar retailers that wish to succeed must adapt their in-person experiences to reproduce the positive aspects of successful online businesses. Regardless of the products being sold, these businesses must develop methods to stay memorable and distinct from their competitors, and create in-store experiences that leave their customers with lasting, positive impressions. To this end, digital LED display technologies have become increasingly more sophisticated over the last several years, with impressive multi-screen displays, streamlined marketing deployment capabilities, and personalized customer-oriented engagement strategies becoming commonplace in many businesses. These technologies have replaced traditional marketing strategies for many successful retailers, providing enjoyable, customizable experiences for consumers and unique, memorable experiences that inspire return visits.

Today, digital LED video displays are not only easily customizable from a design aspect, but for targeting specific target audiences or demographics in real-time. Brands can also implement “smart” sensors capable of scanning customers for various attributes (age, sex, height, etc.) and adjusting their marketing techniques automatically.  For other applications, this technology can allow customers to try on different clothing styles digitally without ever entering a changing room. These “out of the box” strategies produce interactive experiences for customers which are uniquely memorable and inspire repeat customers. Following one-time installation fees, digital LED technologies also offer a higher ROI in the long run by decreasing the recurring fees associated with traditional advertising upkeep, and allowing retail staff to devote their time to other in-house activities. This combination of cost advantage and marketing flexibility is reflected in retail industry trends, where digital content delivery has increased from 9% of total “Out-of-Home” advertising in 2010 to nearly 62% today, as LED technology costs have decreased and retailers have realized how powerful and cost-efficient such techniques can be.

PixelFLEX specializes in developing digital LED video signage and displays for both indoor and outdoor applications, and tailoring these solutions to meet a wide range of business needs with products manufactured in the USA. With their highly customizable digital LED product portfolio, PixelFLEX can help businesses choose video displays that help marketing initiatives and match their particular creative agendas, while providing experiences that inspire return customers. Their products allow businesses the ability to effortlessly (and remotely) adjust product and marketing displays in real-time using digital LED technology, geared toward specific demographics depending on the time of day or retail location. PixelFLEX works with a wide range of architects, designers, engineers and consultants to ensure that its creative solutions are unique for your specific business needs, and capable of providing the sophistication necessary to provide shopping experiences that can meet the needs of diverse target audiences in real-time.  Its award-winning LED systems can be customized for virtually any application, providing high-quality, reliable solutions for your business.  The support and service teams at PixelFLEX are dedicated to ensuring that their products are tailored to meet your requirements, and strive to provide top-tier, customer-focused assistance.

To compete in the modern-day landscape of retail, businesses must ensure that their customers’ experiences are both memorable and enjoyable, and PixelFLEX offers a wide range of customizable LED solutions to meet your needs. Their products can help mimic the online retail experience valued by customers, provide engagement analytics, eliminate printing expenses, and provide unprecedented marketing flexibility. To learn more about PixelFLEX, visit https://pixelflexled.com/retail/


LED displays increase productivity and educate and entertain customers and there are several exciting new technologies coming down the pike for 2017. Business leaders…stand up and take note: new and improved fine pixel pitch LED display solutions will enable novel applications in many different sectors, including sports venues, retail, restaurants, healthcare, entertainment, and much more. PixelFLEX, an industry leader in digital LED displays & signage, can provided customized indoor and outdoor solutions, all assembled and supported in the U.S.

Trends for 2017

Think of the most visually exciting graphic display ever seen in a sci-fi movie, and chances are excellent the same technology is becoming available to businesses today – at increasingly affordable rates. According to Transparency Marketing Research (TMR), the high initial cost of fine pixel LED technology will fall in coming years as growing competition, along with advances in R&D, work to bring costs down. Look for:

  • Growth of flexible/curveable LED displays, such as the PixelFLEX FLEXMod, an extremely high-resolution, flexible rubber substrate LED product that can create compound curves, and quickly and securely attaches via magnets to virtually any surface, allowing for a unique no-fan, no-noise design guaranteed to attract attention.
  • More pixels. New enhanced picture, 4K technologies will meet requirements for large-sized ultra-high-definition (UHD) displays in applications such as air traffic control, where every detail counts, as well as command centers and corporate lobbies. PixelFLEX offers ultra-high resolution as low as 1.2mm in the FLEXUltra model. And the company just announced the TrueFLEX 1.9mm pitch option, which is one of the highest resolution flexible LED products now on the market.
  • Virtual reality will become even more popular, and not just for gaming. Applications such as architecture, medicine, military, etc., are expanding rapidly. But VR is not just for headsets. At the September 2016 LDI Conference and Tradeshow in Las Vegas, PixelFLEX demonstrated a true 3D LED visual experience, treating visitors to an Augmented Reality Rave.

“With our new AR-LED technology with Partner 3D Live we can create a visual image that physically and optically comes off the LED screen for a true Augmented Reality experience no matter if you are five or 500 feet away from the source,” said Alex Williams, PixelFLEX Director of Project Management.

PixelFLEX also recently announced a new partnership with SpaceView, an Augmented Reality technology that provides near-instantaneous and accurate product installation renderings.

  • Increased return on investment. LED video walls and screens create impactful first impressions, and showcase professional competencies – and compared with a TV projection wall, maintain brightness much longer, with a 100,000-hour half-life. Stunning new UHD videos will enable branding messages and logos to compete for attention in the age of HD smart phones and tablets.
  • More immersive, interactive, and artistic designs. Merging the digital and physical worlds through the deployment of the FLEXLite NXG displays, curved and flexible displays like TrueFLEX, and the LumiFLEX interactive LED floor,there is the potential for even more creative engagements by both viewers and creators.
  • Memorable, unique experiences. PixelFLEX is continually increasing the functionality of our award-winning LED technologies, whether it’s a captivating trade show experience or a bright, high-performance FLEXCurtain HD LED video wall that requires minimal tech time to pack and unpack on tour. For PixelFLEX, each project is unique, and we pride ourselves on creating custom solutions for each individual customer. Working with architects, designers, engineers and consultants to blend LED displays with an environment is our specialty.

About PixelFLEX

Engaging customers is imperative. The experienced team at PixelFLEX can help develop creative solutions from our large variety of award winning LED displays. We can create nearly any size and shape screen you desire – with pixel sizes from 1.2 mm to 100mm – in outdoor, indoor and curvable configurations. Our LED seamless display systems provide clear and detailed imaging, whether viewed from just a few feet or hundreds of feet away.

We are dedicated to providing top tier customer-focused support throughout the entire design, build, and buy or rental experience – including after-purchase support and service. As a U.S.-based company, we are driven to excellence and pledge to meet a high standard of support.

At PixelFLEX, we understand how quickly LED technology is evolving as prices are dropping. We want our valuable customers to be aware of the unique and affordable display solutions available to help their businesses grow. To learn more about PixelFLEX, visit pixelflexled.com.

Each unique project begins with an idea, concept or vision that some may not have even thought was possible. As creative LED video wall displays and digital signage continue to see dramatic increases in popularity, more companies than ever are beginning to offer products and services to meet the high demand. With this increase in providers, thorough research is essential to ensure that a company’s product and service can successfully bring your project to life. Here’s a look at a few of the questions you should consider before diving head first into your LED video wall project.

What are you trying to create?

  • There are many uses for LED video displays beyond that of a traditional square or rectangle design. There are magnetic, rubber, cast, and aluminum based products that serve a number of unique purposes. Just because a company appears to have done a lot of large scale work, this does not necessarily make them the best fit for your project.

Does the product exist to make your vision a reality?

  • Often, architects and designers may pitch concepts and ideas using LED video products before doing research to make sure that a solution exists for that application. The LED video display industry is rapidly advancing its products and capabilities on a technical playback side as well as the physical attributes of the displays themselves.

Is the design feasible and is it serviceable?

  • The market can often limit the mind of its creativity, but making sure the LED Video design is feasible both physically and financially is the best place to start. A final install can look incredible, but if you cannot easily service the display in the event of product failure then you may have a lot of costs on the back side of the installation you were not expecting. Making your LED video display design works from a support and service standpoint will save you a lot of headaches.

Who have they worked with?

  • Have they worked with large fortune 500 companies? Can they provide quality references from clients? What type of work have they done primarily? Appropriately educating yourself about your potential LED provider can help ensure that your project will go more smoothly.

Does the provider have the resources to provide service before, during and after the installation?

  • Often times, people only see the end goal in mind, overlooking the bigger picture. Will the company you choose have project managers, technical sales reps, and accessible post sale technical support? Making sure you feel comfortable with your provider after they have your money is most important to the successful longevity of your LED video display

Is the company you’re looking at trying to sell you what you need?

  • This is one thing that you need to look at very hard. While each project has a product that can meet the basic requirements you need to optimally create your video design, there is often a slightly better option that the client wants. Make sure your provider is giving you product options and be sure to ask for a product demo. This will allow you to feel 100% comfortable in your choice of both provider and LED video product.

Can your LED video display provider grow with you and your long term vision?

  • Every company has a growth plan, and future projects in mind. Making sure your provider can grow with you and your long term ideas and goals is something that is often overlooked when making the investment into LED video displays. Keeping in mind your future growth needs, your LED video investment should serve you for at least five to ten years depending on your specific application.

When selecting a LED Video Display company, they should guide you through the purchase and installation process and provide routine maintenance and service. Be sure to choose an sign company that is experienced in LED sign installation and service. Ask for and check references, and if you have the opportunity for a facility tour, take it. As always, PixelFLEX LED video displays are sold exclusively through our network of dealer partners, and we’d be more than happy to guide you through that process as your partner along the way.