PixelFLEX Rocks Out with Dream Theater on the FLEXCurtain’s Overseas Debut


PixelFLEX Fuses First International Tour with First Rock Client

Nashville, March 31, 2014 — Leading LED screen manufacturer PixelFLEX has made its first hard impression on the international touring market with progressive rock band Dream Theater. The 2014 “Along for the Ride” tour with the award-winning instrumentalists also marks the first time a rock act has taken advantage of PixelFLEX products.

With 36 European dates, Dream Theater has started on their North American leg of the tour with their March 20 Toronto show. They have hit more than 26 U.S. cities, and still have eight months left to go. With a cult-like following after more than 20 years on the progressive rock scene, “these guys go to places most bands only dream of,” said Tour Manager Rikk Feulner. “[It’s] amazing the following they have around the world.”

Dream Theater is made up of members that are internationally known for their technical proficiency of their instruments. Each member has a list of accolades for their respective talents, and combine that with an unpredictable concert structure that entertains to the fullest extent. By implementing the 20mm FLEXCurtain, Production/Stage Manager TJ Rodriguez was able to continue to enhance the performances with short videos, abstract art and even fan-made YouTube videos that were incorporated throughout the production.

“We at PixelFLEX have always known how versatile a product it is that we carry, especially when it comes to the FLEXCurtain,” said PixelFLEX Senior Sales Representative Will Dickey. “It’s nice to see such an iconic rock band open up doors for other genres and to see our LED screens continue to be used through various creative outlets.”

At just 26 pounds per square meter, the 20mm FLEXCurtain gave Dream Theater production the space and budget they needed. The size of the wall in comparison to how few cases were needed was a contributing factor in adding the LED screens to the production package. Fewer cases mean fewer shipping costs for when the tour goes back overseas for another European and Asian leg this summer and fall.

“One of the main reasons we chose PixelFLEX is because it’s lightweight and easy to ship around the world,” said Feulner. “The size can be adjusted to fit all size venues—plus, it looks great.”

For more information on Dream Theater’s “Along for the Ride” tour, visit dreamtheater.net. For more information on PixelFLEX’s growing line of LED curtain video screens, visit pixelflexled.com.