PixelFLEX Provides Access to Products and Solutions During Unprecedented Inventory Delays

American-based LED manufacturer’s large inventory investment is keeping projects and its customers ahead of an industry-wide backlog

NASHVILLE, TN– September 24, 2021– The LED manufacturing space, like many industries, is facing a lack of inventory and shipping delays resulting from a domino effect of pandemic shutdowns. In fact, many companies are raising their prices and lengthening their lead times, while PixelFLEX is continuing to meet budgetary needs within reasonable timeframes.

Planning ahead for this dilemma, PixelFLEX has invested significant capital to purchase products for inventory, providing a large quantity of stock to maintain in the US market for its customers and their projects. This push provides a laser focus on PixelFLEX’ EF series (2.6 and 3.9mm) indoor install economy product, with fully front serviceable access.

The EF Series production provides high-quality features, boasting an economical solution for indoor LED solutions. During a time when access to products is difficult, and budgets are restricted– the EF Series offers a true solution for event spaces, churches, and corporate facilities. All spaces that continue to be impacted by the effects of the ongoing pandemic.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer an affordable product with in-stock solutions,” said Jon Lewis, PixelFLEX’s Director of Sales. “Our clients are always incredibly understanding in difficult times, so it’s exciting to be able to over-deliver for them!”

PixelFLEX’s EF Series continues to make waves in the industry, with delivered projects growing amidst the lingering pandemic. Equally if not more important, the average operating time of these projects has been within a few weeks from project confirmation to equipment delivery. Why is this so valuable? Industry sources are reporting lead times stretching out anywhere from 15-25 weeks as shipping lanes and componentry shortages continue to affect commerce globally.

There is an expectation that in the next several weeks all US-based LED manufacturers will be facing significant backorder issues. With supply projected to take 4+ months to receive inventory, the struggle to complete projects is a growing and ever-present challenge.

PixelFLEX is positioned to support its customers with product accessibility and adaptability through its EF Series. Its commitment to serve its customers and their needs will play on and keep the show going when others impacted by industry factors will be impacted.

About PixelFLEX
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