PixelFLEX helps celebrate the Analog Way Americas Grand Opening

Analog Way Ribbon Cut 2016-134

Southeastern rep firm HWPco becomes the newest manufacturer’s representative for the award-winning line of PixelFLEX LED video technology

Nashville, 7/5/2016 – Originally founded in 1970, HWPco represents multiple manufacturers across a myriad industries and provides quality products, solutions and technical expertise from their southeast headquarters in Flowery Branch, Georgia. When they were approached by computer and video signal processing manufacturer Analog Way Americas to assist in the Grand Opening ceremony for their new Metro Atlanta headquarters, HWPco was more than happy to help. Now needing to create an exciting atmosphere that would capture the attention of the invited guests, HWPco turned to Nashville-based PixelFLEX who provided the event with the award-winning FLEXCurtain LED video technology.

“For the Grand Opening, we really wanted a welcoming and exciting environment for our guests to be able to truly experience the new facility and show them what Analog Way technology is all about,” began Andrzej Lubaszka, Chief Technologist Analog Way Americas. “As our southeastern rep firm, HWPco has been a tremendous asset in helping us get settled in our new location and they have also introduced us to many new technology partners like PixelFLEX.”

“When Analog Way Americas shared with us their plans to relocate to Georgia, I told them we would love to be a part of the Grand Opening celebration,” began Marcus Myers, HWPco Principal. “Since Analog Way is the backbone and the processing power behind LED video display technology, we knew it would be a perfect fit to bring a LED video manufacturer into the event, and PixelFLEX was the ideal partner.”

As preparations for the Grand Opening celebration got underway, the design team would need to transform the 6,000 square foot warehouse space into an engaging environment to introduce the honored guests to the new Analog Way Americas headquarters and training facility.

Lubaszka continued, “In creating the concept for the celebration, we wanted to set up an official press announcement to truly show the industry that we are fully ready for operations here in Georgia. It was great that we were able to partner with PixelFLEX because they provided a very impressive LED wall that served as the background to the press conference and gave our event a truly dynamic atmosphere for the launch.”

“When evaluating the different LED wall manufacturers, the decision to choose PixelFLEX really came down to the approach of the company as a whole,” explained Myers. “Their products are terrific, but the real draw is the tremendous support on the back end. Being able to provide local support with quality products demonstrated to us that PixelFLEX had the dedication to provide the perfect LED video wall solution, which they absolutely did.”

Now ready to begin the LED wall installation for the Grand Opening, the FLEXCurtain would be divided into three sections measuring a total of 30’ wide x 10’ high; all hung from a truss structure rigged to the roof of the new warehouse.

“I was really happy with how well-packaged, easy-to-use, and lightweight the PixelFLEX system was, and also how smoothly everything went up,” admitted Lubaszka. “Since the wall went up extremely fast, we didn’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure things out or fix problems on site, and it really gave us the time to focus on the fine details of the event to make the right impression on our guests.”

With the event now set to begin, the honored guests were first treated to an official ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the new facility, and then led inside for the official press announcement backed by the FLEXCurtain LED video wall.

“During the press conference we used the LED wall to show a presentation detailing our company history and headquarters in Paris, and then it also moved into content that reflected our new environment here in the Atlanta area,” explained Lubaszka. “We also used live IMAG for the speakers and then created custom content to give acknowledgement to all our sponsors of the event. Later that day, we also used the FLEXCurtain to conduct a training, and not only did PixelFLEX provide assistance with the planning and execution of the event, they also took part in the training and supported us the whole way.”

Although the Analog Way Americas Grand Opening is now complete, the relationship between HWPco and PixelFLEX has just begun. As the newest rep firm for PixelFLEX, HWPco is excited to see where the relationship will go.

“Prior to the Analog Way Americas celebration, we were actually in discussion with a few LED video screen manufacturers about becoming a rep firm for their product lines,” concluded Myers. “After going through our due diligence, we really felt that PixelFLEX was the best partner for us because we call upon on all vertical markets, including systems integration. Having the opportunity to represent innovative and quality LED video display products that are valuable to all these applications, from a company that is dedicated to customer support, is a tremendous advantage.”

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For more information on HWPco, please visit www.hwpco.com or call 678-866-0511.

For more information on Analog Way, please visit www.analogway.com.