LED Screens Offer Dynamic Displays That Outshine the Competition

All too often, companies spend large amounts on production and editing of high-quality videos, without thinking about how they will actually be seen. The result is that, instead of a bright, engaging and visually grabbing display, important videos are shown using low-resolution projectors, or even a simple screen that is too small to be anything […]


Nashville, TN (1/16/2019) – Created to meet the high demands of budget-friendly, indoor video installations, the award-winning LED video manufacturer PixelFLEX™ is proud to announce the new EF Series. With its economical and efficient design, the EF Series meets all the PixelFLEX standards for quality performance and reliability, while offering an innovative simplicity to installation […]

Featured Image-Blog Post- Incorporating LED

When it comes to church service, modern times have encouraged us to think outside the pew. While some still prefer the traditional hymnals, pulpit, and big church choir, most churches are modernizing in various ways. The use of dynamic LED screens is one example. And the options are plentiful! Learn more about LED screen options […]


Experiential design firm Advent renovates the story behind the University of North Carolina basketball program using a FLEXTour 2.8mm LED video display Nashville, TN (1/7/2019) – Located on the campus of the University of North Carolina, the Carolina Basketball Museum originally opened in 2008 and chronicles the history of the UNC basketball program. Highlighting Carolina’s […]

Digital Signage BLog-FI

Everyone wants to upgrade to digital signage. However, those unfamiliar with the technology may initially be intimidated by the various components necessary to create a digital signage network, deeming it far too complex and time-consuming. Never fear! Whether for revenue, branding, education, or information, this guide will help stakeholders navigate the basics of digital signage […]


Engineering Manager Seth Morth oversees the retrofitted AVL design of a modern, broadcast worship environment including two FLEXTour 3.9mm LED video walls    Nashville, TN (12/4/2018) – Under the leadership of Senior Pastor Dr. Tony Evans, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, is dedicated to demonstrating the power of life-changing discipleship. With a Worship […]

Replacing TV Walls with LED Video Walls

LCD video walls were once the only way to create a large video display. With the advent of large format LED displays, LCD video walls now look like a bunch of TVs in a grid that distract from the content they are intended to promote. On the other hand, LED displays present a seamless digital […]

For something as ubiquitous as air travel, the stress of the airport process is inescapable. Delayed flights, long wait times, luggage fees– they’re part of the flying experience that don’t seem to be going anywhere, and it’s leaving travelers unhappy. A 2017 Kelton Global survey claimed 97 percent of passengers had some issue with the […]