Leading LED Screen Manufacturer PixelFLEX to Feature FLEXCurtain HD to Kansas City Market at PLASA Focus 2015


PixelFLEX Takes LED Video Screens Known for Being Flexible and Lightweight to 2015 PLASA Focus Nashville, April 27, 2015 — PixelFLEX, the leading provider of flexible and lightweight LED video screens, will be returning to PLASA Focus at the Kansas City 2015 trade show with its new FLEXCurtain HD LED video wall, a physically lighter video […]

LED Display Solutions for the Retail Industry

JZocco_Long Island_8786_HiRes

Imagine you are a retailer among many in a crowded mall in the middle of December. You have one chance to catch a potential customer as they walk by countless stores and make them enter your store over your competitor. The store next to you has a flashing LED sign, and you don’t. That customer […]