Performing Arts Center Finds Ease and Efficiency in Flexible LED Video Wall

Nashville, March 30, 2015 – An impressive performance of The Little Mermaid gave the head of Mount Olive Township’s Board of Education, Dr. Larrie Reynolds, the plan for a final visual touch for the performing arts community – a 25mm PixelFLEX LED FLEXCurtain video wall.

Reynolds and Mt. Olive Performing Arts Center Technical Director Trevor Campbell turned to the portability and high definition that the FLEXCurtain is recognized for.

“We wanted it to be portable and that’s what sold us on it – that you can just take the curtains down and wrap them up like sleeping bags, and put them in road cases to transport,” Campbell said.

When it’s not being deployed at the middle school for their productions, Mt. Olive’s FLEXCurtain will be housed at the 1400+ seating performing arts center’s central location at the high school. Having hosted acts such as Jim Breuer, The Glen Miller Orchestra and The Dallas Brass and Glen Burtnik, the center will go on to offer the benefits of the FLEXCurtain to future musical, theatrical and comedic performances.

“Everyone knows me around the district, so I go over to help at other schools and the secretaries and the teachers are like, ‘oh yeah that LED wall curtain thing was really crazy, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it,’” Campbell laughed. “It’s kind of been the talk of the town, really.”

Weighing at 67 lbs. per panel, the FLEXCurtain offers Mt. Olive’s performing arts center video capabilities when other LED video panels cannot do the job due to weight constrictions. The PixelFLEX series of LED video walls also offers ease of use, making training efficient for technical and video directors who are new to LED video technology.

“For the vast amount of uses that Mt. Olive will get out of it, the FLEXCurtain was an obvious choice for them,” said PixelFLEX Senior Sales Representative Will Dickey. “Continuing to see the different applications our clients use all of our products, but specifically this one, is huge for everyone involved, and the FLEXCurtain will only continue to enhance and become more accessible and ideal for those looking for high quality and sensible LED video solutions.”

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Bold LED Screen Reveals Contrast in Heartbreaking Ballad Music Video

 Nashville, March 25th, 2015 – Sunny Sweeney’s duet with Will Hoge of “My Bed” doesn’t dance around the heartache at the end of a failed marriage, and is reminiscent of the classic country days of a George Jones and Tammy Wynette duet. The Parnelli Award-winning FLEXCurve LED tiles from PixelFLEX gave Steve Emley the punch and story-telling capabilities to shoot a music video with the boldness and contrast needed for the song off the country songstress’ new album, Provoked.

The video is a two-scene set up, with Sweeney and Hoge performing on a white bed against a stark, black background. Emley’s idea for the chorus was to have a complete opposite, almost oxymoronic feel to the forlorn meaning of the song. Sweeney and Hoge sing into a vintage microphone while the FLEXCurve blasts imagery of blissful wedding days and happier times.

Music video director Michael Poncé worked with PixelFLEX Project Manager Mark McIntosh to design the scenes to convey a direct and immersive emotional setting using the LED video wall.

“Actually having the LED video wall during the performance was great because one, they show up great on camera, and two, it helped to shoot a better story and ultimately helps to tell a better story,” Poncé said. “I think you get a better performance out of the artist – they’re also seeing the imagery some of the time, and it works a little better than something a little bit more traditional than a big wide, empty space. It’s one more tool to tell a story. And they can be used for any other type of music video to tell a story.”

The FLEXCurve screen can be curved from -10 to 10 degrees, allowing both concave and convex contours like the one used in the “My Bed” music video. With a refresh rate of more than 1200Hz, it is extremely camera-friendly and perfect for television and film. The curvable LED screen is currently used by many touring acts including reigning Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan and movie star and rapper Ice Cube.

For more behind the scenes photos and to see the video click here.

44 Designs Continues Relationship as PixelFLEX Production Partner with FLEXLite Purchase

Nashville, March 17th, 2015 – Concert and video production and design house 44 Designs purchased 32 6.9mm PixelFLEX FLEXLite LED video panels as an addition to their video inventory.

After more than a decade of providing exemplary lighting and set design, 44 is making video production a priority for its artists. A long-term relationship with PixelFLEX production partner Elite Multimedia Productions and experience with PixelFLEX LED panels led 44 Operations Manager Clayton Thornton to the decision for the purchase.

Fast set up and tear down of the lightweight, modular LED panel factored into the benefits the FLEXLite provides 44 on tour.

“When we do a bus and trailer tour, and you’ve just got a few guys out on the road with it, you’ve got to make the most of the space they have on an eight by 15-foot trailer,” Thornton said.

44 quickly put the FLEXLite tiles to work. They were used at the “Discovering Lucy Angel” premier at the Franklin Theatre, and are currently on tour with Arlo Guthrie. The tiles are readily booked through the summer, so consequently ease of use was an added bonus to the new inventory.

“It’s very easy. I show the guys how to do it once and they’ve got it,” Thornton said. “With some of the walls we’ve used in the past, there’s all the software we have to go through and figure out the secret passwords, what tab to open up, how many panels you input, and it gets a little bit more confusing. But with the processor built for us, it’s so easy and I haven’t even had to do tech support over the phone with them once.”

“44 Designs has used PixelFLEX in many of their touring and corporate production designs for a few years, so when they decided to invest into our brand and add it to their inventory, we were very excited,” said David Venus, PixelFLEX director of marketing. “They output high quality designs and we are glad to be a part of their continued growth and success.”

“This is only going to strengthen the relationship between 44 and PixelFLEX and Elite because we’re just down the road from each other, and we consider PixelFLEX a great asset and a great resource to our network in Nashville. I look forward to where this is going to take us.”

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PixelFLEX Provides Customized, Modernized, Dynamic Video Solutions to Mobile Video Trailer

 Nashville, March 5, 2015 — Agricultural technology manufacturer and educator Precision Planting updated the user experience for their unique Planter Technology Institute, a mobile educational and promotional 53-foot trailer that travels to growers nationwide, with the high definition PixelFLEX LED FLEXTiles.

After utilizing high-maintenance short throw projectors and televisions, Precision Planting engaged AV partner AVSC to improve the visual impact of the mobile display. PixelFLEX was chosen to create a dynamic and mobile visual environment.

“We thought this would be the best solution for our trailer moving forward, because we had seen it in action, we had seen the clarity and the definition, and we felt like it would be the best bang for our buck,” said Precision Planting Marketing Manager Sean Arians.

The lightweight LED tiles are a perfect match for the application, saving time and money in conjunction with the video trailer’s full and constant touring schedule. PixelFLEX also managed the integration of the old system with new technology components to give Precision Planting more capabilities with their system as their teaching program platform continues to grow. The video wall was comprised of 30 LED panels to create a 15.75-foot-wide by 4.725-foot-tall space that was built onto a custom shock-mounted frame to minimize vibration from constant coast-to-coast travel.

The FLEXTile LED proved to be the high standard of flexibility and roadworthiness Precision Planting needed. With the 3.75mm LED tile, the quality of the video footage and viewing distance grants growers an engaging and dynamic educational setting.

“Customers are impressed when they see something that’s that sharp and clean when they get into the trailer, so it’s an enjoyable experience for them,” said Arians.

After starting its educational tour through Indiana, Michigan, the Dakotas and more of the Midwest region, the Precision Planting video trailer will continue through March picking back up again in June to reach more farmers with assistance in producing their best yield whether that be through mechanical or technological solutions.

“The flexibility of the FLEXTile is a big part in what makes this tile stand out from the rest of the LED market,” said PixelFLEX Director of Marketing David Venus. “This product is a long term solution that will enable Precision Planting’s mobile Planter Technology Institute to thrive while assisting growers in reaching their goals.”

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True Religion Utilizes FLEXDisplay to Create Impactful, High Resolution Digital Signage

 Nashville, March 3, 2015 — “Be So Bold” is the catchphrase surrounding luxury brand True Religion’s new marketing campaign. While encouraging consumer’s personal statements of daring fashion, True Religion made their own bold statement with the introduction of custom PixelFLEX FLEXDisplay LED video stands in a group of their top stores.

The FLEXLite 3.9mm LED screens reside in custom displays built to be a part of the store design concept and create a more compelling and immersive digital signage experience compared to traditional televisions and paper signage. True Religion built dynamic, customized content to display promotions and immersive experiences for increased customer foot traffic. The capabilities of the screen and the imaginative content combine to create what Vice President of Omnichannel Commerce and Digital Innovation John Hazen at True Religion, calls a “Trojan Horse.”

“They get people to stop and look at a brand when they otherwise might not be interested,” Hazen said. “And that’s what we’re trying to do. The content we display is complleing on its own, it’s not a hard sell. It is brand right and compelling visuals.”

PixelFLEX installed the FLEXDisplays in order to increase foot traffic and revenue just in time for the 2014 holiday season, and True Religion has decided double down on another group of additional stores. The change marks a more efficient option for promotional material versus printed signage of the past.

“It [paper signage] is incredibly expensive,” Hazen explained. “These are large cardboard or foam signs that we are usually overnighting or mailing two-day air to stores across the entire United States and Canada. So the idea of not doing that any more and being able to change out the signage library color palette four times a year is incredibly attractive.”

The content management system provides headquarters the ability to change all signs at a time, a few, or even a single sign to deliver content or promotions based on a geographical area. Making the changes digitally means a faster turnaround at a much lower cost.

“By the end of the first quarter, we’re going to have these in 30 out of our 100 full-price stores, so when it comes to our full-price business, we are going to have the ability to turn our content on a dime and allow us to be much, much more nimble than our competitors,” Hazen said.

“In today’s fast-paced world, you only have a few seconds to catch a potential customer’s eye as they pass by. You have to rise above the advertising congestion,” said PixelFLEX Director of Marketing David Venus. “Using LED signage gives you the ability to create a much more personalized, interactive and impactful message, and we only see this market continuing to grow.”

“Providing flexible LED solutions is a hallmark of PixelFLEX,” said PixelFLEX Chief Operating Officer Monty Rains. “In this case, we listened to what True Religion was trying to accomplish and developed a customized solution for their digital signage needs. Our flexible design allows the client to increase or decrease size, add mobility and wireless updating to the FLEXDisplays based on changing needs.”

“The PixelFLEX team bent over backwards when it came to the installation of these,” said Hazen. “They put in a really herculean effort to get these done before the holidays. Every store that we went into had an unexpected issue that could have easily been a showstopper that day, and the guys worked around it for us. So the service provided in installing these things with some wacky hours, unique circumstances and a unique set of problems was absolutely amazing.”